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Custom Charcuterie Signs

Custom Charcuterie Signs

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Custom Charcuterie Signs, Charcuterie Labels, Wooden Cheese Markers, Charcuterie Bamboo Food Sign.


Please send me a DM with a list of the name exactly as you would like it to appear on the food label.
(Separate each name with a comma)
(Note: long names may not fit on the marker, or may result in smaller lettering, or two lines of text)

Item details

  • **Handmade - Might take up to 5 days to ship out depending on order quantity.
  • **Materials: Bamboo and Premium Adhesive Vinyl.

Each marker is personalized with ANY food name of your choice. They are perfect for labeling charcuterie trays, cheese boards, dessert tables, or even your party foods. These wooden labels bring a personalized yet decorative touch to your event decor.

****PLEASE NOTE: The names are NOT engraved into the wood, but hand labeled with high quality adhesive vinyl.****

Measurements: approximately 2.4" in width and 4" in height.

They are a perfect size to identify each food item without being too big to take away from the main focus, the food!

The wooden labels are made of natural Bamboo.
The lettering is customized with Black premium adhesive vinyl. It is important to note that the names are not engraved into the wood, but hand labeled with high quality adhesive vinyl.

Care instructions:

After the food label is used, carefully remove it from the food. Rinse the stake portion only with water and gently remove any remaining food particles with your hand. Pat or wipe to dry. Due to the natural bamboo material, I would not suggest exposing or submerging the entire food label into the water. Do not put in the dishwasher.

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